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Vasectomy Services

Florida Department of Health in Hernando County


A vasectomy is a procedure for any man who is convinced that he does not want to have any children in the future.  In this 15 minute nearly painless procedure, the vas tubes that transport sperm from the testes to the semen are blocked about an inch above the testes and therefore, the chance of pregnancy is eliminated.

When appropriate, vasectomy has many advantages over other forms of birth control.  The low, one-time expense is often covered by insurance and/or by federal grants through state programs for low income men with no insurance.  It is more dependable than any other form of birth control including female sterilization.  It eliminates the physical risks associated with birth control pills, shots or IUDs (Intrauterine Devices).  There is no need for inconvenient and less dependable methods.

Although reliable and convenient, there are a few limitations of vasectomy.  A vasectomy does not prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections.  The procedure is not 100% reversible if you later decide to have children.  Additionally, there will be a need to use an additional form of birth control for about 8 weeks after the procedure or until you are sperm free.

The Vasectomy Program at the Department of Health / Health Center is offered on a sliding fee scale based on income.  An initial “vasectomy counseling” and exam appointment is completed at the Department of Health. The procedure is performed by a licensed urologist approximately 30 days after the exam. 

For local information or to set up an appointment, call (352) 540-6800 x82153.