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Adult Health

Florida Department of Health in Hernando County

Primary Care 

Primary health care is provided for adults and children making us your medical home. Services are offered based on household income and your ability to pay. Your ability to pay is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines which are posted annually.

There is a minimal $15 copayment for office visits when you see a provider. The office visit fee is based on your determined sliding fee category. Other testing and procedures copayments may apply.

Please call today (352) 540 6800 to schedule your appointment for "Financial Eligibility" to be registered with the Primary Care Program.

Authorization To Disclose Confidential Information- English (PDF-269kb)

Autorizacion Para Divulgar Informacion Confidencial- Spanish (PDF-129kb)

Items Needed for a Financial Eligibility Appointment 

Valid ID with Photo

  • Driver’s License
  • Valid Florida State ID Card
  • Military ID Card
  • Recent Passport

Proof of Income

  • Earned Income
  • Weekly Income- your will need the last 4 consecutive pay stubs
  • Bi-Weekly Income- you will need the last 2 consecutive pay stubs
  • Self-employed recent 1040 - Schedule C
  • Unemployment documentation
  • Un-Earned Income
  • Social Security, Workers Compensation, child support, alimony, unemployment, pension, interest and dividends, income from estates and trusts, net rental income of royalties, public assistance
  • Cash amounts including savings, investments, trusts and other resources,other cash income

Proof of Physical Address

  • No P.O. Box
  • If address is different than driver's license a current electric bill, current phone bill,current bank statement or current credit card statement is needed.

Social Security Card

  • Social Security Card for all family members